Made of Polyethylene, Tupperware was invented in 1945 by Earl Tupper. Tupperware became a popular company known to specialize in a variety of plastic storage containers. Starting out, Earl Tupper created a colorful line of bathroom drinking cups and soon became famous for his bowls with sealing lids. In the 1950's, Tupperware home parties were a hit, used for household women to get together or welcome a new neighbor to the area. Home parties are still hosted and enjoyed to this day. Even if you have not been to one yourself, I am sure you have at least heard of Tupperware parties.

The line of Tupperware products offered today is much more than the lidded bowls offered when the company first began. They have expanded their inventory to include cookware and cutlery, specialized microwavable containers, plates, pitchers, and even kid-inspired products. With all the different shapes and sizes Tupperware offers, everyone can find what works best for their style. The catalogs are full of colorful, unique ways to make your kitchen (and beyond) more efficient.

Originating here in the Unites States and going overseas into Europe in 1960, Tupperware is now sold in more than one hundred countries worldwide. Relying on a tiered structure with consultants at the bottom, managers above them, and directors and executive directors on top, Tupperware has become a successful, top-selling company.

Tupperware provides a great career opportunity for those looking for flexibility. If you want to set your own hours, work from your home, and even collect great gifts as incentive, then becoming a Tupperware consultant could be for you! Getting started is easy and you will have your own mentor to help you along the way as you train for your new career.

If selling Tupperware does not appeal to you, then maybe hosting your own party will. It is easy, fun, and an excellent way to bring your friends and family together for an afternoon or evening. You will experience yummy food, enjoyable conversation, and receive a gift just for hosting a party! Plus, the more sales your party brings in, the more Tupperware you can receive...free!

With the technology we have today, you do not even have to leave your couch to host a Tupperware party. On-line parties are available for those who want to earn free products without the hassle of hosting a party in person. The session is open for two weeks so your e-guests will have plenty of time to browse through the on-line catalogs and decide what they want to purchase. You are rewarded with gifts just the same as if you held the party in your home. You can invite as many people as you want (they must have an e-mail account) and you have a better chance of getting sales because, as you know, not all guests are able to attend a party but most are able to check their e-mail regularly. It is a great way to enjoy Tupperware on a tight schedule.